ITALPRESSE XL/10 3200 x 1600

About the Italpresse XL/10 3200 x 1600

Italpresse are the market leaders in Pressing and Pressing Technology, and sell the most presses of any manufacturer in Europe.The Presses are constructed with welded beams and pressed frame, calculated with a The high structural safety factor Frame, moving platen and fixed platen are all machined on CNC heavy milling machines, for the greatest accuracy.. The moving platen is a fabricated from ver thick steel beams to withstand the pressing tonnage with minimal deflection. Self-lubricating guides are diagonally placed, for excellent A flatness control. A Rack and pinion system assures constant parallelism of the moving platen during closing and opening.

The solidity and stiffness of XL construction are far superior to many other competitors’ presses because Italpresse manufactures every mechanical press component in its own shops to ensure complete control of quality in every phase of construction. Coupled with the best electrical and hydraulic components on the market, the XL is the benchmark of presses in its class. The standard range of Italpresse Presses (Model XL) are available in different sizes (2500mm x 1300mm to 4200mm x 1600mm), with different tonnage pressures (50 -190 Ton), and different types of Platen (PA - Assembled Platens, PS - solide steel drilled Paltens - PE Electrics Paletns), and Type of boiler if boiler required. (Machines can be provided without boiler).

Italpresse XL/10 3200 x 1600 Features

Tick bullet point Electric contractors
Tick bullet point Safety thermal overload switches
Tick bullet point On-off switch for each platen
Tick bullet point Independent setting of top and bottom platen temperature
Tick bullet point Press cylinders made of special seamless tubes of thick steel.
Tick bullet point Welding done by a robot machine to control all welding parameters
Tick bullet point CNC machining allows minimum tolerance for precision movement and long life of the seals
Tick bullet point Pistons are machined out of a steel rod, CNC ground, polished and thickness chromed.
Tick bullet point Compact hydraulic power unit made in Germany (make: HAWE)
Tick bullet point Dual pump for high flow-low pressure and low flow-high pressure steps
Tick bullet point Automatic re-set of hydraulic pressure
Tick bullet point Up-stroking movement of bottom platen
Tick bullet point Key on/off switch
Tick bullet point Light-up pushbutton for emergency resetting (Run)
Tick bullet point Computerised control of the pressing functions
Tick bullet point Digital pressing timer with automatic opening and manual override
Tick bullet point Digital display and setting of working temperature
Tick bullet point Digital display and setting of the working pressure
Tick bullet point Exclusion of the left hand pair of hydraulic cylinders
Tick bullet point Adjustable opening stroke of press platen
Tick bullet point Digital timer for the morning start-up of the heating system
Tick bullet point Self-diagnostic with digital display on the general faults of the press
Tick bullet point Two-hand timed press closure push-button switches
Tick bullet point Perimeter e-stop safety cable and switch
Tick bullet point Mechanical platen lock to prevent movement
Tick bullet point Metal protective covers for potentially dangerous areas
Tick bullet point Adhesive stickers to advise of precautions and danger
Tick bullet point Maintenance and User’s manual
Tick bullet point Heating system has low consumption electric elements, insulated by a special anti-wear sheathing
Tick bullet point PT 100 temperature probe inside the platen

Italpresse XL/10 3200 x 1600 Options

Tick bullet point Selector to utilize 50% of the total power - for boiler power kw.18
Tick bullet point EFC - Electronic flatness control with sensors
Tick bullet point Adjustable cycle timer for automatic press opening
Tick bullet point Safety pin stops in case of multi opening
Tick bullet point Price increase for presses with cold platens in special execution including a CNC machined thick steel sheet welded on the platen. Price per square metre of platen surface
Tick bullet point Price decrease in case of presses with cold platens made of machined H beams without any cover. Price reduction per square metre of platen surface
Tick bullet point Mylar cover on fabricated platens (not available on intermediate platens)
Tick bullet point Spring tensioned mylar cover on fabricated platens (not available on intermediate platens)
Tick bullet point Spring tensioning for mylar on solid steel drilled platens (Top and bottom platens only)
Tick bullet point Special high grade surface finish for solid steel drilled platens (Price per square metre of platen surface (euro/sqmt)
Tick bullet point Touch screen TS/400 monitor
Tick bullet point Voltage 220 or 230 volt
Tick bullet point Available with platen sizes: 3800mmx1600mm and 4200mmx1600mm
Tick bullet point Mulitple daylights - intermediate platens
Tick bullet point Increased opening size
Tick bullet point Types of platens available: Assembled Platens, Solid Steel Platens and Electric Platens

ITALPRESSE XL/10 3200 x 1600 Specification

Platen Dimension 3200mm x 1600mm
Thrust (ton) 190
Opening (mm) PF/PA 400mm PM 400mm PE 350mm
Cyl No. 10
Cyl Ø (mm) 85
Pump Motor (Kw) 3
Aprrox. Dimensions (mm) 4000mm x 2100mm x 2300mm
Water Boiler Power (Kw) PA 18 PM 27
Oil Boiler Power (Kw) PA 18 PM 27
Electric Platens (Kw) 27