Italpresse Matrix

About the Italpresse Matrix

The MATRIX with automatic pin pedestal system is the pinnacle of Italpresse’s range of air membrane presses. It is designed and engineered for the highest requirements in productivity, flexibility, and reliability. Its creation is the evolution of designing and manufacturing thousands of membrane presses since 1980.

Main features of Matrix are:

A fast, precise, and reliable scanning system reads the panels and activates the pin pedestals for all shapes and sizes of panels.

The pins can be activated automatically or manually. The pin activation is performed directly in the loading station in full view of the operator. The pins are activated while the tray is stationary in the lay-up station. The operator has the opportunity to visually see that the pins have been correctly activated. The pins are automatically reset at the end of the cycle. The auto reset can be excluded to maintain the setting of the pins from cycle to cycle for repetitive panel dimensions.

The heating platen features two layers of electric resistance heating wires plus circulation of thermal oil providing optimum temperature uniformity over the entire platen surface.

User-friendly colour touch screen interface.

Membrane face temperature monitored and controlled by infrared sensor

Selectable operating modes: Membrane, membrane-less, and high-gloss.

Available optional devices are:

- Multi-roll PVC foil dispenser with auto roll positioning;
- Automatic PVC foil pulling system;
- Automatic tray un-loader, with vacuum system or tray rollover station.

Available configurations are: single tray, twin tray, twin tray with auto vacuum tray unloader, twin tray with auto rollover tray unloader, 3 trays with carousel, 3 trays with carousel and auto vacuum tray unloader.

Italpresse Matrix Features

Tick bullet point Press platen dimensions mm 1450x2800 or 1450x3200 or 1450x3800mm
Tick bullet point Max specific pressure on the panel bar 5+1
Tick bullet point Max. temperature °C 150 (300°F)
Tick bullet point Average air consumption per cycle Nlt/cycle 100
Tick bullet point Complete of:
Tick bullet point - Press platen temperature control
Tick bullet point - Oil circulation to grant the uniform press platen temperature:
Tick bullet point - Hydraulic unit
Tick bullet point - Membrane device for pvc foil
Tick bullet point - Infra-red sensor for membrane temperature control
Tick bullet point - APS: Automatic Pin System with Pin self setting
Tick bullet point - Automatic Pin re-set
Tick bullet point - Automatic trays circulation
Tick bullet point - Optic electronic scanner for panels size acquisition
Tick bullet point - Touch screen control panel
Tick bullet point - Modem connection

Italpresse Matrix Options

Tick bullet point Automatic panels unloading unit
Tick bullet point 10 rolls automatic PVC dispenser
Tick bullet point Automatic PVC foil feeder and cutter
Tick bullet point Press size dimensions 1450x2800 or 1450x3200 or 1450x3800mm