KUNDIG Brilliant-2

YEAR 2018 - Perfect working order -

ALSO available at additional cost if required is a fine dust extraction system specific to this sander.

Brilliant-2 REd-L

1350mm working width.

Roller ( calibrating rubber hard shore)
Sanding pad, segmented.

Oblique Pack:
absolutely homogeneous surfaces
No oscillation traces.
No raised fibres
Significant reduction of scratches on cross grain workpieces
Reduction of sanding belt consumption of up to 35%
Less lacquer consumption due to less raised fibres
Greatly improved surface quality
Easy handling

Lacquer package:
All of our sanders that have a segmented.
sanding unit can be equipped.
with the lacquer package. It includes.
belt cleaning, extraction ducts, stepless
adjustable sanding belt speed
and 22 mm segments instead of the
standard 35 mm.

Small parts vacuum table

Constant pass line ( fixed table, heads move up/down)

Touch screen control