Function KUPER ZFS System Josting

The veneer pack is placed on the machine table and up against the limit stop. The rear cutting line is clearly indicated by a guide light and the front cutting line by an optimization laser. Once the cutting width is entered, the cutting cycle is executed: The table moves into cutting position, the pressure bar clamps the veneer pack in place, and the top and bottom knife cut the pack ready for jointing. When the cutting cycle is completed, the table returns to the alignment position. Veneer strips are cut only with the top knife in incremental mode.

High-speed positioning drive

The machine table with the bottom knife can be adjusted for various width dimensions by means of a high-speed positioning drive. First the pressure bar clamps the veneer pack, then the top knife cuts downwards towards the table and the bottom knife upwards towards the pressure bar.

Insertion height 80 mm
Cutting range 20 – 470 mm
Pressure bar 3 Hydraulic cylinders, 2 pressure stages
Top knife brake motor, gearing, crank drive
Bottom knife 1 hydraulic cylinder
Operating voltage standard400 V, 3 Ph, 50 cycl. or special voltage
Total connected load approx. 12 kVA