About the R.Beck UTK 450 Upcut Saw

Four different models – design for saw blade diameters of 350 to 600 mm – are available. The saws are built adjusted to work with the corresponding saw blades.

Apart from a solid machine body of stable, welded steel elements, the sophisticated technology helps make work safe and economically efficient.

Many function elements are the standard in all models. The pneumatic drive for the saw stroke is part of this, and so also is the automatic fastening of work pieces.

Protection devices ensure work without injury. A two-hand control makes it impossible to reach in accidentally while sawing. The practical protective shield before the saw blade also is part of the serial equipment of the Beck undertable mitre saws.

Sensible options also permit usage-specific adjustment of the machine.

R.Beck UTK 450 Upcut Saw Features

Tick bullet point pneumatic blade feed
Tick bullet point two handed safety starting system
Tick bullet point automatic motor brake
Tick bullet point set operating wrenches
Tick bullet point emergency off switch
Tick bullet point speed regulator for blade feed speed
Tick bullet point fixed vertical safety guard
Tick bullet point protective hood
Tick bullet point upper safety workpiece clamping

R.Beck UTK 450 Upcut Saw Options

Tick bullet point 10 degree inclined machine table
Tick bullet point Full protecting cover above saw blade
Tick bullet point laser, 300mm line length
Tick bullet point spraying device micro cooler
Tick bullet point 2 pcs Horizontal full clamps

R.BECK UTK 450 UPCUT SAW Specification

Motor Power 3KW
Saw blade dia 450mm
Saw blade shaft 30mm
Cutting time per stroke 3 sec
Speed at saw shaft 2900rpm