Ranheat WA75 Bagloader


No need for briquetting, load sawdust bags directly into the bag loader.

Ranheat proposes a WA 150 BagLoader, comprising of a WA 75 burner and heat exchanger and bag loaded fed stoker.
The BagLoader is a simple method of supplying fuel to the burner. The lid is lifted, and a bag of machine wood waste is emptied into the container. The lid contains a safety switch that cuts out the motor and stops all moving parts. This safety feature allows safe operation of the BagLoader. The fuel is then transferred, via the auger to the burner.

The motor is attached to the auger via chain and sprockets, these need to be checked periodically, as do the bearings.
Only granulated or machine waste dust can be placed in the BagLoader. Small offcuts may be introduced in the front door

Efficiency and Emissions
The WA 75 is a high efficiency system operating at 85% to 95%. This gives flue temperatures of 180oC. These lower operating temperatures means that flue ducting lasts longer, fan last, and kept inside and well maintained the major parts of the system can last 15 years.

On emissions Ranheat brings the same technology we use on our larger system that require annual tests to our WA 75.
Who is the Bag Loader for?
The Bag Loader is for customers in the woodworking industry with bagged or binned dust extraction systems and require a save method of burning their wood dust but do not have enough scale for require a silo with an automatic feed into a burner.
How much can a WA 150 Bag Loader Burn?
A bag of dust around 0.5m3 will run the system for 4 hours. So, assume 20 hours a week of constant running is around 0.5tons. If you are wanting to burn more waste than this, it might be worth looking at a siloed system with an automatic feed. This will give you greater throughput, automation, and labour savings.