Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine R300

The R 300 is primarily used for workpieces with heights of up to 300 mm.

For more information please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224.

Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine R300 Features

Tick bullet point The sanding unit with a height of 300 mm oscillates through 30 mm, thereby contributing to a long service life and high surface quality
Tick bullet point A pneumatic belt tensioner means that the sanding belt can be changed quickly and easily and ensures good belt tracking
Tick bullet point The stable height adjustment mechanism for the working table ensures a high-precision sanding result even on heavy and tall workpieces
Tick bullet point The R 300 is also available in other dimensions

Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine R300 Options

Tick bullet point Additional table on the pulley

Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine R300 Specification

Motor Power 3 Kw
Size of Sanding Belts 300mm × 2280mm
Speed of Belt 11 m/sec
Table Size 350mm x 700mm
Required Place 1250mm × 750mm
Weight 280Kg
Exhaust Diameter 160mm
Oscillator 30mm pneumatic
Air Requirement 40 l/min
Noise Emitted at Work Station 83 dB (A)