Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine RS-2010

About the Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine RS-2010

The model for enhanced user-friendliness. The edge sanding machine RS 2010, which features a diverse range of equipment, performs all edge sanding tasks in the field of woodworking, thanks to the rapid changeover from freehand sanding to veneer sanding, the belt oscillator and a continuous swivel sanding unit, this is a universal solution for all your finishing needs. The pneumatically height adjustable working table and pneumatic belt tensioner ensure easy handling.

For more information on the Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine RS-2010, please contact R&J Machinery 01455 840224.

Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine RS-2010 Features

Tick bullet point Pneumatically height-adjustable working table
Tick bullet point Continuous-swivel sanding unit up to 45°
Tick bullet point Switchable electric oscillator
Tick bullet point Approx. 20 mm
Tick bullet point Easy changeover to veneer-edge sanding
Tick bullet point Pneumatic belt tensioner
Tick bullet point Digital display 0° – 45° for the sanding unit
Tick bullet point Stable working table at the pulley
Tick bullet point Bracket for feeding unit
Tick bullet point Cross-cut mitre fence

Rehnen Edge Sanding Machine RS-2010 Specification

Voltage 400V, 50Hz
Motor Power 3 kW
Sanding Belt Dimensions 200mm x 2700mm
Speed of Sanding Belts 22m/sec
Table Size 450mm x 920mm
Space Requirements 1200mm x 2000mm
Weight 500Kg
Extractor Diameter 120mm x 80mm
Noise Emitted at Work Station 83 dB (A)