Rehnen Profile Shaping and Sanding Machine KBA

About the Rehnen Profile Shaping and Sanding Machine KBA

To make the process of edge-finishing solid wood, MDF and other board materials even more cost-effective and effective, the profile shaping and sanding machine from Rehnen has been further refined. Thanks to its modular construction, the KBA can be equipped with differing edge sanding units, milling units, profile sanding units and brush units. This means that different tools can be fitted to the finishing unit which, in turn, reduces machine set-up times.

The feed unit for the KBA takes the form of a chain plate feeder with a downholder bar that conveys workpieces firmly and securely past the finishing units.

Workpieces with a height of up to 80 mm and a length of 50 mm can be finished. The upper finishing units for profile milling and sanding travel along together in parallel and at the same height depending on the material thickness setting.

Rehnen Profile Shaping and Sanding Machine KBA Features

Tick bullet point Oscillating sanding and fine sanding via a grooved sanding roller and sanding shoe
Tick bullet point Continuously variable oscillation of the entire sanding unit between 30 mm and 130 mm
Tick bullet point Motor power 3 kW Milling unit
Tick bullet point Milling of radii and chamfers (top/bottom) at 12,000 rpm
Tick bullet point Controlled by frequency converter
Tick bullet point Units are mounted so that the profile is traced
Tick bullet point Profile sanding of radii and chamfers (top/bottom) with endless sanding belts
Tick bullet point Electropneumatic and air-cooled profile steel shoe

Rehnen Profile Shaping and Sanding Machine KBA Specification

Total Motor Power 6 kW
Motor Power of the Edge Sanding Unit 3 kW
Sanding Belt Dimensions (edge) 150mm x 2000mm
Continuously variable pneumatic oscillator, adjustable 30-130mm
Motor Power of the Milling Unit 0.55 or 1.1Kw
Motor power of the Profile Sanding Unit 0.37kW
Sanding Belt Dimensions (profile) 30mm x 1960mm
Machine Size 1000mm x 3600mm
Feed Speed 2-10 m/min
Material Thickness 10-60mm or 20-90mm
Min. Material Length 200mm
Min. Material Width 40mm (during transport)
Weight Approx 900Kg
Extractor Diameter 1 x 160mm
Sound Power Level (DIN EN ISO 7346) - Idling 86 dB(A)
Sound Power Level (DIN EN ISO 7346) - Finishing 87 dB(A)
Noise Emitted at Work Station - Idling 76 dB(A)
Noise Emitted at Work Station - Finishing 77 dB(A)
Measurement uncertainty allowance K 4 dB(A)