Rehnen Sanding and Polish Machine PSM-1

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Rehnen Sanding and Polish Machine PSM-1

For more information on the Rehnen Sanding and polish machine PSM-1, please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224


Product Features

  • An optional continuously variable speed controller allows operators to choose exactly the right speed
  • The sanding and polish machine PSM 1 is designed for a wide range of surface finishing tasks but the PSM really comes into its own when used for sanding moulded parts
  • The mounting spindle can accommodate a wide range of brush tools or sanding drums

Product Options

  • Continuously variable speed controller

Product Specification

Voltage400V, 50Hz
Motor Power2.2 kW
Rpm1,000/1,500 or 1,500/3,000 rpm
Shaft Diameter30mm
Max. Abrasive Diameter350mm
Max. Abrasive Width275mm
Space Requirements800mm x 1500mm
WeightFrom 180Kg
Extractor Diameter2 x 160mm