Rehnen Stabiloflex Drying Rack

For further details on the Rehnen Stabiloflex Drying Rack, please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224.

Rehnen Stabiloflex Drying Rack Features

Tick bullet point The highly stable Stabiloflex allows you to store and dry heavy loads
Tick bullet point Its high safe load of 900kg of evenly distributed weight and the 900mm-long galvanised support tubes are ideal for accommodating deep workpieces
Tick bullet point The four polyamide swivel castors offer a high degree of stability and excellent mobility
Tick bullet point If two racks are not enough, you can easily add more

Rehnen Stabiloflex Drying Rack Options

Tick bullet point Additional racks

Rehnen Stabiloflex Drying Rack Specification

Length 300mm – 2000mm
Depth 1200mm
Height 2105mm
Support length 900mm
Inside width between supports 73mm
Safe load 900kg