Tigerstop Inclined Tables

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Machine Overview

Introducing the Tigerstop Inclined Tables

8 degrees inclined 370mm or 600mm wide with powder coating Ral 7035.
Height adjustable from 75-100cm 
Higher tables available.
Support brackets for reception of material before processing are available.

Product Options

  • Support brackets - For reception of material prior to processing. They are mounted on the front of the inclined table
  • Side fence for in / out feed - available different lengths to suit tables
  • Width of roller table - either 370mm or 600mm
  • Standard lengths as listed below
  • 1 Roller table 1.85m long
  • Tigerstop 2 (2.50m long)
  • Tigerstop 3 (3.70m long)
  • Tigerstop 4 (4.30m long)
  • Tigerstop 4.8 (5.40m long)
  • Tigerstop 6.8 (7.40m long)
  • Tigerstop 8.5 (9.10m long)