Tigerstop TS350 Auto Cross Cut

About the Tigerstop TS350 Auto Cross Cut

Save money on material, labor and rework. With rising raw material costs, being able to efficiently cut and optimise your material can be your secret competitive weapon. The optional Dynamic Optimisation will save on material costs. Being fully automated, the TS350 will increase productivity which saves on labor. No more setting stops manually, simply enter your cut list, and place material on the infeed. The optional Handy Opt or Crayon marking the TS350 will scan the length of the board and where the defects are and automatically push into the saw. This saves on labor and reduces errors with a repeatable accuracy of +/- 0.2 mm.

This machine can have any of the Tigerstop pushers, in-feed and out-feed tables added of your desired lengths to best suit your needs, prices from £11,818.00

For further details on the Tigerstop TS350, please contact one of our sales team on 01455 840224.

Tigerstop TS350 Auto Cross Cut Features

Tick bullet point Optimizes around defects using TigerStop’s Dynamic Optimization software, giving you the maximum possible yield while cutting only what you need. TigerSaw TS350 can print a label for each cut part.
Tick bullet point TIGERTOUCH - Your operators can put away their paper crammed clipboards and get a new level of productivity and visibility with TigerTouch, TigerStop’s innovative touch screen software. Operator can select up to 3 different grades or cutlists on the fly allowing them to cut multiple widths at the same time
Tick bullet point PANEL LAYUP SOFTWARE - A unique feature of the TigerSaw 1000 automated crosscut saw system is our panel layup feature. Just enter the panel height and the total width of panel material required and TigerSaw 1000 will cut only what’s needed. No more over cutting or counting and measuring on the back end.

Tigerstop TS350 Auto Cross Cut Specification

Drive Type 32 mm steel reinforced belt
Repeatable Accuracy .008 in (.2 mm)
Motor Type DC Servo with optical encoder
Pushing/Load Capacity (rollers) 176 lbs (80 kg)
Pushing/Load Capacity (no rollers) 90 lbs (40 kg)