KUPER FSW 1250 Veneer Splicing Machine

A highly innovative solution for fine veneer splicing, featuring efficient feed and intelligent energy management
KUPER FSW 1250 Veneer Splicing Machine photo

Introducing the KUPER FSW 1250

The cost-effective and customisable solution that is intuitive and safe to use, making high-quality veneers possible

The KUPER FWS 1250 splices veneers at a racingly fast feed speed of up to 60 m/min. A special KUPER glue thread is applied via a heating tube in a zig-zag or wavy line pattern. This ensures tight joints, strong adhesion and tear resistance even on very wavy veneers.


KUPER FSW 1250 Veneer Splicing Machine Base Specification

Perfectly suiting the industry, the new generation of the KUPER zig-zag veneer splicing machines with their convincing new design and improved technical details. Advantages at a glance include:

  • bullet arrow icon Touch panel to control the main functions: Heating power in stand-still and operating mode
  • bullet arrow icon Pneumatical lifting of the glueing head
  • bullet arrow icon Disc drive with tolerance compensating mechanism
  • bullet arrow icon Start function via optical light sensor
  • bullet arrow icon Pneumatically-driven thread break-off roller
  • bullet arrow icon Maintenance-friendly design
A close-up photo of a KUPER engineer servicing a veneering machine
KUPER Servicing

KUPER machines are only as good as their preparation. Our in-house team of trained engineers are on-hand to visit your workshop and provide you with scheduled KUPER servicing, ensuring that your machines are optimised for maximum performance and continue to meet safety standards.

R&J Machinery is proud to be the main UK agent for KUPER

R&J Machinery has a long relationship with KUPER, and we are proud to be the main UK agents and importers for their machines and spare parts. We are one of the top-tier suppliers of KUPER veneering machines across Europe, and our team of service and repair engineers travels to KUPER in Germany for training on the latest machinery developments.

You can be sure that our team are fully qualified to offer you guidance on the ideal KUPER veneering setup for your needs, and are fully qualified to service and maintain your existing machines to the highest standard. We look forward to talking to you soon about all things KUPER!

For sales, servicing, parts, advice and support, please call our office team on 01455 840224.

A photo of the R&J Machinery team
A photo of an engineer working on a KUPER touchscreen
A close-up photo of a KUPER engineer workig on a FSH 3120 veneer saw
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R&J Machinery's in-house team of trained engineers are on-hand to visit your workshop and provide you with scheduled KUPER servicing. To request more information about the servicing packages we offer, please speak to our knowledgeable team on 01455 840224 or complete this enquiry form.