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Altendorf F45 with Vacuum Table - tested by R&J Machinery

News Article 18th May 2018

Altendorf are the first to fit Vacuum clamping to sliding table saws

The system, which is integrated into the sliding table itself, has a powerful vacuum pump that generates a power vacuum via pairs of suction grippers. The suction grippers can be used in pairs, or as a whole, allowing the operator to optimize the vacuum for the required work piece size. Wooden, plastic, or aluminium panels remain securely in position on the sliding table throughout all cuts, even during complicated angle cutting. Activation of the vacuum grippers is controlled via a simple on / off switch for ease of use. All table lengths feature the 5 pairs of suction grippers, and additional grippers can be added. Vacuum clamping improves quality, reliability, precision and convenience and helps to eliminate manual operating errors. (Please see our video to see the Vacuum table working).

Our thoughts from testing the Vacuum table are that it is a very useful tool, and perhaps at the moment a little under rated or undiscovered by customers. There are significant benefits for the operator in using the vacuum grippers to hold the panel in place. There is no vibration running through the panel and you can be completely confident that that the panel will not move during cut. The operator can also stand further away from the blade than normal during cutting, which can only help safe operation of the saw. So if accuracy and quality are high on your agenda, maybe you should be looking at this option?

New F45 Vacuum table

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