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Hebrock F4 takes a trip to Blackpool

News Article 18th November 2020

A specialist fitted kitchen and bedroom company based in Blackpool, have taken delivery of the Hebrock F4,

Anyone wanting to produce completely finished edges in a machine with a space saving 4m footprint length need look no further than the Hebrock F4. Even the standard specification includes pre-milling, edge processing and a surface scraper. The radial profile shaper is available as an option for edge finishing. The Hebrock F4 is very convenient to use too thanks to the optional SPS touch screen control unit. Add the adhesive inter changer (colour change) accessory and the F4 can even work with PUR. Enjoy complete edge finishing, right from the very beginning.

Please call our sales team on 01455 840224 for more information on any of the machines on our website or click on 'visit our showroom' on our homepage to book a demonstration.

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