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Quality Used Holzher Edgebander for Cotswold Doors

News Article 21st July 2017

Holzher Arcus 1334 Installed at Cotswold doors

When quality door manufacturer Cotswold Doors contacted R&J Machinery for an edgebander suitable for applying solid wood lippings the instant choice was the Holzher Arcus 1334.

With Cotswold doors production seeing soaring production levels, a speedy and quality solution was required. R&J Machinery demonstrated the Holzher Arcus 1334 and Cotswold doors were most impressed.

Holzhers patented Glue system enables the processing of PUR glue through the fully enclosed glue Jet system without the need for additional processes and lenghty cleaning procedures that are costly, cause down time and delays.

The glue Jet system also allows the customer to choose between granulated and cartridges style glue forms, and different colours, all enabling an invisible glue line.

We look forward to helping Cotswold Doors further in the future.