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Royal college of arts ‘Lifted’ to new heights

News Article 8th January 2018

R&J Machinery successfully move the Royal College of Arts to a new home

Having supplied and commissioned a new Altendorf WA80TE to the Royal College of Arts recently, when the college announced it was moving to another location within London, it was no surprise that R&J Machinery were asked to move and re-commission the Altendorf saw. What was a surprise was that the machine was to be taken onto the 3rd floor of the building, through narrow door ways and corridors with only a standard lift for access! R&J Machinery are always up for a challenge however, and where there is a will there is a way! So after careful study and plenty of measuring, a method for the move was crafted. The machine was expertly dismantled and transported to the new site where it was carefully raised to the 3rd floor in the lift, and then re-commissioned in the exact location required by R&J Machinery's Altendorf trained engineers.. All works done on time and to budget!

We look forward to assisting the RCA with any future assistance they may require, albeit, hopefully at ground level!


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