Essetre Fusion Long

About the Essetre Fusion Long

CNC working centre covered by international patents, which permits so saw and edgeband longitudinally at the same time and in the required width the bars.

Fusion long needs reduced spaces and permits to have a completely automatic in line production, without needing the presence of the personnel, revolutionising and completing in this way the traditional system which is 6 times bulkier.

Fusion Long saws and edge-bands the bar by joining together the well tested system of sawing and edge-banding in a new group provided with a double blade with engraver. Furthermore two NC controlled toupie-groups allow to obtain a precise and finished cut.

Fusion Long, provided with the most recent technologies for edgebanding, has a gluing group for up to 80mm high edges with availability of melting and polyurethanic glue tanks and the relating pre melting devices.

The excellent edge-banding of the various edge thickness is granted thanks to trimming groups provided with copying devices which are managed by the NC and follow precisely the bar’s profile by obtaining the best results on edges of each material (as for example melamine paper, laminate, ABS, etc…).

Essetre Fusion Long Specification

Power of blade motor 4 Kw
Power of toupie motors 2,2 Kw
power of trimming motors 0,6 Kw
Blades diameter 400mm
Toupie tools diameter 120mm
Blades revolution speed 3800/1'
Toupie revolution speed 6000/1'
Trimmings tools revolution speed 1000 / 24000 rpm/1'
Max working length of the bars 4200mm
Min. producible length 500mm
Max working width of bars 1200mm
Min working width of bars 150mm
Max edge working thickness 3mm
Min edge working thickness 0,8mm
Max bars edge working height 80mm
Min bars edge working height 10mm