KOCH Endmaster P

About KOCH

With more than 60 years of experience and a production site located in the center of East Westphalia’s furniture industry, KOCH is a renowned leader in the design and production of high-tech machinery for furniture, door and window manufacturing, as well as other wood products. KOCH is a German manufacture. KOCH is also an authority in the field of joining technology and a specialist in sawing, shaping, drilling, gluing and dowel insertion.

KOCH Baseline

If you’re focused on pure function, then baseline is right for you. By selecting baseline, your decision is firmly founded on reliable performance because we use proven, high-quality components, ensuring maximum service life.Add to that our comparatively quick delivery times. Speedy commissioning means a quick return on your investment with every day of production. Easy-to-use handling cuts down on training time, so even frequent personnel changes aren’t a problem. Moreover, our attractive price structure lets you calculate costs with confidence. Our base.line machines perform your processes with strength and stamina!