Reinbold AZR 50 PRIMUS Single Shaft Shredder

About the Reinbold AZR 50 Primus

The AZR 50 Primus series is the starter model of the single-shaft material shredders with drawer feed. Nearly all types of material can be processed economically with the slow-running rotors.

The AZR 50 PRIMUS is the perfect machine for smaller firms. Qualified for the crushing of wood waste and matured timber in a joinery, for example. Sturdy construction, high throughput rates, very reliable, easy to use, easy maintenance, lower operating costs and a wide range of possibilities for use.

For further information please contact the sales team on 01455 840224.

Reinbold AZR 50 Primus Features

Tick bullet point Hydraulic unit and hydraulic cylinder for the drawer. Hydraulic feed for a constant flow of material to the rotor and for continous shedding
Tick bullet point The screen perforation determines the size of the shreds
Tick bullet point The knife holders are welded on the rotor and the round knives can be turned up to 8 times with just a few adjustments before having to be exchanged completely
Tick bullet point The highly efficient scissors cut of the concave ground circular cutting heads enable a very high work rate with very little effort

Reinbold AZR 50 PRIMUS Single Shaft Shredder Specification

Feed opening 500mm x 745mm
Hopper Volume 0.5m³
Throughput according to material and screen
Rotor-Ø 180mm
Rotor Speed 100UpM
Power 11kW
Knives 28 Pcs. (with 30mm Ø)
Screen Perforation 10mm-30mm
Suction port-Ø 160mm
Air speed 28m/sec
Weight Approx 800Kg