Reinbold AZR 800 Special Shredder

About the Reinbold AZR 800 Special Shredder

The AZR 800 Special Shredder series provides a compact design combined with great power. These machines are best suitable for use in small or medium-sized companies which attach great importance to an optimum cost-benefit ratio. Further features include: robust design, high throughput rates, excellent reliability, operator-friendly, easy maintenance, low operating costs, wide range of applications.

Reinbold AZR 800 Special Shredder Features

Tick bullet point Perforation size: The standard size is 15/20 mm
Tick bullet point Throughput rate: This parameter depends on the type of material being processed (long, short, wet, dry, etc.) as well as on the size of the screen perforation. A machine usually processes between two and four hopper fillings per hour.
Tick bullet point Removal of chips: For this purpose you can use a suction plant, a conveyor screw or a conveyor belt. The minimum air speed for suction plants is 28 m/s
Tick bullet point The rotor shaft is made of solid steel. Adjustable cutting gap between rotor and counterknife (optional)
Tick bullet point Hydraulic feed to ensure constant material feed to the rotor
Tick bullet point Hydraulic cylinders suspended by cardanic joints prevent shortening of piston cup service life
Tick bullet point Range of different screen mesh sizes for required chip size depending on material and task
Tick bullet point Security package with gear end limit switch and reverse counter

Reinbold AZR 800 Special Shredder Options

Tick bullet point Perforation size: (mm): 10/12, 12/15, 20/25, 25/30, 35/40 Special sizes on request
Tick bullet point Chip Removal:Options: (1) = Pivoting filter basket (2) = 4-sided segment bottom tine plate and spike bar (3) = Discharge by auger (4) = Turbo clutch from 30 kW
Tick bullet point 18.5kW Motor

Reinbold AZR 800 Special Shredder Specification

Hopper opening 800mm x 1,000mm
Hopper volume 0.9m³
Throughput rate depending on the type of material and screen used
Rotor-Ø 252mm
Rotor speed 90rpm approx.
Power consumption 22kW
Tools 40Pcs
Screen perforation 10-40mm
Suction port-Ø 200mm
Air speed 28m/sec
Weight 1500Kg