Reinbold Single Shaft Shredder AZR 1300 S

About the Reinbold AZR 1300 S Single Shaft Shredder

The Reinbold AZR 1300 S is extremely powerful. The solid construction allows for the efficient and economic shredding of bulky and large materials.

The functionality of the Single Shaft Shredders:- large-capacity hopper
- quiet operating slider for constant material feeding
- sturdy and robust hydraulic unit
- different types of rotors for various types of recyclable material
- various perforated screens for different chip sizes
- different types of collection units to choose from
- powerful motors

Recyclable material is involved in all production processes carried out by the industries. Usually, these materials can be returned to the production process.
Having many years of experience in the field of shredding recyclable material, Reinbold Waste disposal technology is able to offer you an integrated solution for use in the production process as well as in the production workflow with its shredders of the AZR 1000. There is a choice of different machine types, sizes and size reduction techniques. This allows us to create a perfect solution to suit your personal production profile and requirements

For further information regarding this machine please contact the sales team on 01455 840224.

Reinbold Single Shaft Shredder AZR 1300 S Features

Tick bullet point Hydraulic cylinders suspended by cardanic joints are used to prevent the service life of piston cups being shortened
Tick bullet point Hydraulic feed to ensure constant material feed to the rotor
Tick bullet point All machines can be operated using a programmable control system (e.g. flow control, feed control, automatic switching-off if empty hopper is detected, etc.)
Tick bullet point Powerful drives from 9.2 to 150 kW depending on the performance requirements. A high degree of efficiency due to turbo coupling (from 22 kW)
Tick bullet point Perforation size: The standard size is 15/20 mm
Tick bullet point Throughput rate: This parameter depends on the type of material being processed (long, short, wet, dry, etc.) as well as on the size of the screen perforation. A machine usually processes between two and four hopper fillings per hour
Tick bullet point Removal of chips: For this purpose you can use a suction plant, a conveyor screw or a conveyor belt. The minimum air speed for suction plants is 28 m/s

Reinbold Single Shaft Shredder AZR 1300 S Options

Tick bullet point Perforation size: (mm): 10/12, 12/15, 20/25, 25/30, 35/40 Special sizes on request
Tick bullet point Removal of chips: Options: = Movable screen cage = 4-sided segmented floor, serrated plate and serrated rail = Delivery by worm srew = Turbo clutch from 30 kW

Reinbold Single Shaft Shredder AZR 1300 S Specification

Hopper opening 1,300mm x 1,200mm
Hopper volume 1.65m³
Throughput rate depending on the type of material and screen used
Rotor-Ø 354mm
Rotor speed 90rpm approx.
Power consumption 37/45/55 kW
Tools V5+V7 33/66/99 pcs
Screen perforation 10-50mm
Suction port-Ø 250mm
Air speed 28m/sec
Weight 3,800kg