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About TigerStop Machinery

High-quality machinery from this leading manufacturer

Tigerstop LLC is an Amercian company based in Vancouver USA. The European Arm of the company is based in Weirden, Holland. The company was originally set up in 1994, and has since that date it has seen significant development in its product range and sales areas. A key feature of the Tigerstop range is that the systems aare modular, allowing customers to expand with Tigerstop as their needs change. Well known for their range of Automed stops and pushers, the product range now includes the following:

Sawgear - an introductory range of automated measuring device, available in 2 sizes, 2500mm and 3600mm (working lengths). the unit can be used fixed ina workshop or mobile on the road.

Tigerstop - automated measuring devices with a standard size range of 2m to 8.5m (working length). Can be used as a stop or pusher, software optimisation is available, and can be mounted left or right side.

Tigersaw - A range of Up cuttingTigersaws is available, blade sizes from 350mm to 600mm diameter, and a cutting range from 150mm x 150mm or 100 x 280mm to 80 x 700mm or 50 x 800mm. Current models arre TS350, TS550, TS800, TSA420 (for aluminium), and the UKA600 for angled cutting.

Graule Saws - A range of quality built German cross-cut saw, cutting heights from 85mm to 200mm and nothcing machines. Horizontal and vertical angles. Tigerstop offer the full range.

TigerAngle - The Graule saws are used as a base for the Tigerstop technology, which is used to automate the setting of the angles, vertical and horizontal. The result is either a TigerAngle 2D or 3D. For the customer much improved production times are seen, as time taken to set up a traditional cross-cut for angle work is reduced to the touch of a button. . These machines have proved very popular in the plastics and wood Industries where alot od angle cutting is done. The stroke of the saw is also automated, and combined with the automated length setting.

TigerDrill - A purpose built drilling machine, cable of numerous head configurations and adjustment of the heads for different drilling patterns.

All the above machines can be supplied with tables, flat top, roller or angles roller tables, and combined with software and acessories to suit individual customer needs.