Holzher Auriga 1308 XL Edgebander

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Holzher Auriga 1308 XL Edgebander Specification

Edging thickness of coiled edging (depending on material) 0.4 - 3mm
Edging thickness of cutting length (depending on material) 0.4 - 8mm
Edging cross section Max. 6 x 42mm
Edging height Max. 65mm
Panel thickness 8 - 60mm
Workpiece width Min. 65mm
Workpiece length Min. 160mm (without corner copying unit 1832)
Workpiece length Min. 180mm
Feed speed 10m/min

Holzher Auriga 1308 XL Edgebander Features

  • Edge Control 19 with 18.5' colour touchscreen 16:9. Powerful controls and simpliest machine operation for efficient machine setup and resetting - Rotatable and tiltable operating control at eye level with windows like user interface, all information is displayed in plain text and/or graphics with extensive program store. External USB interface.
  • Eco Mode - This power saving mode is an automatic stand by mode, which puts all drive out of operation as soon as no workpiece is entered into the machine. The motors correspond to the new energy efficiency class IE2. If a workpiece is not entered into the machine over a longer time period (6 minutes) the heater of the glue application system automatically shuts down. No more energy is consumed by the machine.
  • Pre-milling Unit FG201 with 2 cutters units for joining the panel edge - 1 x counter clockwise run, 1 x clockwise run, manually adjustable run-in linear stop, with patented Prolock screw-in clamping system for rapid tool change with height adjustable millers.
  • Diamond cutter - Ø 70 x 64 x 30mm, 2 teeth left hand. For pre-milling unit 1801/1802
  • Diamond cutter - Ø 70 x 64 x 30mm, 2 teeth right hand. For pre-milling unit 1801/1802
  • Edge Feeder 1903 - Automatic transport of coils and strips max. load capacity: 40mm. For coils: max. edge thickness 3mm (material dependent) forward cut up to max. 65mm edge height (material dependent) max cross 135mm² (material dependent) incl. support table for coils Ø 820mm
  • Glue Application System Glu Jet GJ301 (2.3 kW, 50 Hz) - Automatic adjustment of gluing height (tracing nozzle). Glu jet hybrid technology. Processing of EVA and PUR adhesives. For processing hot-melt adhesive in cartridge or granules form. Glue applied by means of technology, heat up time: 3 minutes. Include automatic reloading of glue (optional hoppers required). Include manual glue rinse function through separate rinse channel. Magazine capacity: 1 cartridge (approx. 330g) incl. air pressure adjustment for the glue pressing cylinder. Automatic glue temperature reduction according to time.
  • Hopper for 1.5Kg glue granulate
  • Hopper for 1.4Kg glue cartridges (4 cartridges)
  • Glu Jet Rinse Hopper - To collect glue residues during rinse procedure.
  • Pressure Unit 1912-3 Pneumatic - First roller driven with plunge in control, 2 conical support pressure rollers.
  • End Trimming Unit 1918 (60mm) Pneumatic - Chamfer type end trimming 0/10 degrees, pneumatic adjustment incl. 2 alternating teeth carbide circular saw blades, Ø 110mm, 20 teeth
  • Dust Extraction Hoods for End Trimming Unit 1918
  • Multifunctional Trimming Unit 1827 MOT4 - For cutting of the top and bottom longitudinal edge with motorized positioning of the horizontal tracer shoes, with motorized positioning of the cutter motors in axial direction. Includes pneumatic adjustment (separated above and below) for flush radius milling, incl. blow nozzles: flush trimming, radius 3mm, chamfer trimming, swivel range 0-15° manual. Only in combination with scraper unit 1929 mot2/1929 mot4.
  • Pneumatic Pivoting Device- For multifunctional trimming unit 1827 MOT4, pneumatic pivoting on chamfer 15° from the control panel.
  • Vertical Sensing Rollers Pneumatic - Pneumatical adjustment of the vertical sensing roller for 0.1mm for cutting of the edge overhang, for ex.plastic edges.
  • Cutter, diamond Ø 56/60mm, Z = 2, R = 2.0mm Conterclockwise - Diamond coated, permantley equipped tool with CM technology (LEUCO), with integrated chip removal, patented Prolock screw in clamping system for rapid tool change.
  • Cutter, diamond Ø 56/60mm, Z = 2, R = 2.00mm clockwise - Diamond coated, permanently equipped tool with CM technology (LEUCO), with integrated chip removal, patented Prolock screw in clamping system for rapid tool change.
  • Corner Copying Unit 1832 (1 x 0.22 kW, 300 Hz, 9000 min -1) - Corner copying function up to 3mm edging thickness. Workpiece thickness: 12-60mm incl. diamond tool R = 2mm with CM technology, inc. automatic plunge out control for edge thickness over 8mm (max. feed speed 10m/min)
  • 1929 MOT4 Scraper Unit Incl. High Gloss Package - With motor driven adjustment for sensing rollers, incl.pneumatic adjustment (top and bottom seperate) with two scraper holders, incl. cutting tools R = 2mm with chip remover. Max workpiece thickness = 12mm incl. blast nozzles. Only in combination with multi function trimming unit 1827 MOT4
  • TCT turnover knifes for scraper knife - R = 2.0mm (2pcs. required)
  • Surface Glue Scraper 1964 - Scraping out superfluous glue for a clean glue line. Plunge-in controlled top and bottom separately, incl. 2 blow nozzles, incl. 2 turnover knifes, incl. dust extraction hoods.
  • Buffing Unit 1940 (2 x 0.12 kW, 50 Hz, 1400 min-1) - For edge cleaning and polishing with 2 textile buffing wheels tilt range 0-5°
  • Sprayer Unit 1856 For The In and Outfeed Area - For the infeed area, electronically controlled release agent sprayer with release agent. For the outfeed area, electronically controlled cleaning agent sprayer with cleaning agent.
  • Sprayer Unit (parting agent) After Pressure Unit - To sprinkle the edge with lubricant recommended for high gloss edge material.
  • Adaptive Pressure and Glue Quantity Control - Automatic, program controlled fine adjustment for optimum adjustment to edge thickness, edge materials and glue types which guarantees best results process results. Automatic package consists of automatic glue quantity control, adaptive guillotine and adaptive pressure section.

About the Holzher Auriga 1308 XL Edgebander

Holzher Edgebanders offer true ZERO GLUE LINE technology with Laser Edge technology and PUR glue.......if you are looking for an edgebander and a quality finish is your requirement you MUST concider a Holzher.   The patented GLUE JET system enables Holzher to use EVA or PUR glue at no additional cost, changeover times between EVA and PUR is 1 minute, whilst the glue colour can be changed in less than 1 minute.    Combine these features with heat up times (from cold) of 3 minutes, no fumes from the glue in your workshop, and running costs at a fraction of the price of a glue pot machines, and NO cleaning out of the glue pot!   Not convinced?  Come for a demonstration, let us show you PUR glue and how easy it is to change from EVA to PUR,  or let us send you samples....seeing is beleiving!


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