Italpresse Four Rollers Glue Spreader mod. R4/130-1M


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Machine Overview

Introducing the Italpresse Four Rollers Glue Spreader mod. R4/130-1M

The Italpresse four rollers glue spreader is available in various specifications, for further information please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • Uniform glue spreading along all width, thanks to special compensators that compensate small thickness variations in the panels
  • Spreading rollers with special 'anti acid synthetic rubber' thick coating that allows multiple re maching and longer life
  • Omogeneous glue dosing by means of rectified ebonite metering rollers - adjustment by means of manual wheel
  • Safety covers on all moving mechanism to guarantee maximum operator safety
  • Electric system as per CE safety standards, water tight with push botton control panel, 24 volt tension

Product Options

  • Automatic rollers cleaning
  • Motorized outfeed roller
  • Motorized infeed roller
  • Working level higher than 880mm
  • Adjustable speed with mechanical variator - ratio 1:5
  • Adjustable speed with frequency inverter
  • Motorized positioning of top roller with digital readout
  • Four wheel mounting
  • Stainless steel water tray
  • Stainless steel bottom roller grid
  • Rollers prepared for cooling
  • Chiller 3000 - for roller cooling
  • Chiller 5000 - for roller cooling
  • Chiller 7000 - for roller cooling
  • Automatic glue feeder for a single component glue
  • Digital readout of top roller position for thickness adjustment

Product Specification

Roller length 1300mm
Maximum thickness 100mm
Working speed 22 mt/min
Spreading rollers 2
Spreading rollers diameter 210mm
Metering rollers 2
Metering rollers diameter 185mm
Working height 870mm
Installed power 1.1Kw