Brandt 1440 Ambition

Tick bullet point Quality German manufacture
Tick bullet point Machine with pannel return system
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Machiene overview

- top pressure:
- 2 single rows of staggered rollers
- height adjustment with digital readout for the manual set up of the top pressure beam according to panel thickness
- workpiece transport device:
- transport chain with rubber coating, 80 mm wide
- precision running and guiding surfaces
- standard equipment with automatic lubrication of chain track
- panel support with roller guide, extendable by approx. 600 mm
- noise protection with individual extraction ports for the joint trimming unit, as well as post-processing units and the chip collection box

- feed speed ¦ 11 m/min
- feed speed max. w/cont. trim. ¦ 11 m/min
- feed speed max. w/cont. trim VKNO 4809 in connection with VKNR 0014 ¦ 14 m/min
- working height ¦ 950 mm
- pneumatic connection ¦ min. 6 bar
- total length ¦ 5.273 mm

Brandt 1440 Ambition Specification

edge thickness max 15 mm
feed speed 14 m/min
workpiece length min 160 mm
workpiece thickness 12-60 mm