SCM Record 142 TVN CNC


SCM Record 142 TVN

Bed size 6300 x 1720

Tandem Loading

Record 142TVN

Traverse of X-Y Axis 6300x1720

Vacuum 250 mch

Electro Spindles pre-arranged for special units


2 x supplementary TVN Bar with 3 suction cups

Raised belt conveyor for chip removal

20 x supplementary TVN suction cup 180x65

4x1 Lifting support

Barcode reader

Centralised exhaust system

F9 Drilling Unit W.9 spindles

Universal K2 fixed

SCM Record 142 TVN CNC Specification

Bed Size 6300 x 1720 mm
Vacuum 250 MCH
F9 Drilling Unit 9 Spindles