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About this Used Biesse Klever 1530 G FT

Year 2011
Model - Biesse Klever 1530 G FT (Matrix / Flat table Table)
Working area - 3126mm x 1563mm with 4 working zones
Router - 12.2kw HSK 63
Tool changer - 7 positions
Drills - 5 vertical
Vac Pump - 1x 250m/h3
Biesse works software

Full specification:

Main frame and mobile upright beam
The machine frame is a single component made of thick electrowelded steel sheets, properly strengthened in the most stressed areas.
The upright beam, mobile in the longitudinal direction (X axis) is made of electrowelded steel with gantry structure:
thick steel sheets and strengthening transversal elements allow to reduce to the minimum the twists generated by the use of the machining center.

Axes movement Axes driving systems
Biesse uses Brushless motors, controlled by digital drives, the machine features digital interface between numerical control and axis drives.
The digital system Mechatrolink allows the following:
• high machining speed, since a portion of the tool route is controlled by the drive instead of the numerical control;
• high working precision, thanks to a faster data processing;
• high reliability, thanks to a reduced wiring system which eliminates electrical interferences that may arise, instead, when using analog systems;
• reduced machine stops and downtime, thanks to the errors diagnostic with explanatory messages displayed directly on the N.C.

X and Y axes double transmission
The operating unit moves along the longitudinal axis (X axis) and transversal axis (Y axis) by rack and pinion system
(a solution that Biesse has used for twenty years) which grants high acceleration parameters and
movement speed.
Both rack and pinions are built in accuracy class nr. 6 (DIN 3962 norm). The mobile upright beam has two independent drives, one on each side.

Z axis transmission
As the operating unit moves in the vertical direction (Z axis) with a relatively short travel, Biesse uses the ball screw and preloaded
nut for backlash compensation and repeatability in positioning precision. Power is transmitted to the
screw by means of flexible joint.
The ball screws are in accuracy class T7.

Axes guides
A couple of linear guides with sphere re-circulation pads is located on every axis to ensure an high level of precision and smoothness during the movement.

Manual lubrication
Manual lubrication system.
• X axis: 4 sliding blocks of the linear guides and rack on a point for side machine;
• Y axis: 4 sliding blocks of the linear guides and rack on a point;
• Z axis: 4 sliding blocks of the linear guides and ball screw nut;

Work table
The Klever operates in single area mode.
The work table is made of extruded aluminium, with T-slots and includes:
• N. 2 fixed side stops reference
• N. 3 rear pop-up mechanical stops

• N. 3 front pop-up mechanical stops
• nr. 2 Workpieces pressers. To be used in the T slot of the working table.

Operating unit
The operating unit is made of:

5,4 kW (6 HP) electrospindle with coupling collet ERC 32 (MK2), air cooled Main specifications:
• ceramic bearings;
• Rh rotation;
• 4,5 kW (6 HP) from 12.000 to 15.000 rpm in S1 duty;
• 5,4 kW (7,2HP) from 12.000 to 15.000 rpm in S6 duty;
• rotation speed from 1,000 to 24,000 rpm, programmable by N.C.; It includes an exhaust hood.

Control system Numerical control
PC-based control system BH660.
Thanks to the new Biesse technology WRT (Windows Real Time) the machine is controlled directly by the PC,
and any other hardware component becomes unnecessary. This solution increases the performances of Windows XP by making it work in real time.
Since the software that controls the machine runs directly on a personal computer and not on a
dedicated hardware device,
the system architecture is greatly simplified, granting greater performance and reliability.

Desktop Personal Computer Main technical specifications:
• CPU Intel (R) Dual Core >2,2 Ghz;
• 2 GB RAM memory
• 160 GB hard disk
• 19\ LCD