Used Biesse Skipper V31

About this used Biesse Skipper V31

A great chance to purchase a Biesse Skipper V31, year 2013, having done little work.


CNC panel machining centre - ‘X’ working field 2500 mm, ‘Y’ working field 900 mm.

The machine is equipped with 10 vertical independent spindles, 6 horizontal independent spindles and a unit equipped with grooving saw - dia. 120 mm - in ‘X’ direction (BH17), and a Router.

Used Biesse Skipper V31 Features

Tick bullet point Panel Length - X 200 - 2.500 mm, Width - Y 70 - 900 mm, Thickness - Z 10 - 70 mm
Tick bullet point Max. working panel weight 35 Kg
Tick bullet point PANEL DIMENSIONS - The possible workings are to be verified case by case depending on the panel dimensions (especially in the minimum values), the type of material, the covering and the workings to perform. The above values are therefore indicative.
Tick bullet point Panel Width (Y) - Length (X) ratio <= 1,5
Tick bullet point In order to guarantee the operator’s safety the machine is equipped with a protection system by carters to restrict the access to the working area.
Tick bullet point The system is in conformity with the safety requirements of the EC regulation 2006/42/EC.
Tick bullet point The machine bed is made by a vertical beam on which the operating unit with independent spindles is installed, a horizontal beam on which the positioning group for the panel X movement and the supporting worktables are installed.
Tick bullet point MOVEMENT AND AXES SLIDING SYSTEM - Sliding on prismatic guides and recirculating runners for X, Y and Z axes
Tick bullet point The vertical and horizontal beams are both equipped with a rack with inclined teeth for a high-precision transmission by grinded pinion.
Tick bullet point PANEL POSITIONING GROUP - The machine is equipped with a positioning group for the panel X movement by a pneumatic gripper.
Tick bullet point The panel pre-positioning in X direction (lengthwise positioning) is performed on the machine LH area and it takes place through 1 stop placed in fixed position on the LH side of the main worktable; a laser photocell automatically reads the X panel reference (origin); in addition the same photocell measures the real panel length.
Tick bullet point The operating unit is composed of 10 vertical independent spindles, 6 horizontal independent spindles and 1 grooving saw unit diameter 120 mm.
Tick bullet point The main worktable is fixed and positioned in the centre of the machine supporting the panel during the working operations; the worktable structure is particularly rigid and its surface is covered by material with the lowest friction factor.
Tick bullet point The machine control and management are made up by a PC equipped with a new generation Control PC system
Tick bullet point The electric cabinet is placed on the front of the machine bed
Tick bullet point 4.5 kW (6 HP) electrospindle with ring nut adaptor and elastic collet, air cooled - Controlled by Inverter.
Tick bullet point BIESSEWORKS - Advanced programming system

Used Biesse Skipper V31 Specification

Panel Lengths Length - X 200 - 2.500 mm
Panel Widths Width - Y 70 - 900 mm
Panel thickness Thickness - Z 10 - 70 mm
WORKING FIELDS OF THE TOOLS (the dimensions - min. max. - refer to tool axis)
Length (X) Drilling 0 - 2.500 (*) mm
Length (X) Routing (with electrospindle) 0 - 2.500 (^) mm
Length (X) Grooves (with sawblade) in X direction 0 - 2.500 (^) mm
Width (Y) Drilling 0 - 900 mm
Width (Y) Routing (with electrospindle) 0 - 920 mm
Width (Y) Grooves (with sawblade) in X direction 40 - 900 mm
Thickness (Z) Horizontal holes 5 - 35 (°) mm
NB (*) 3.200 mm as option
NB (^) With gripper repositioning
NB (°) The max. dimension may reduce depending on the panel side being machined and on the gripper positioning.
NB The data depend on the tool characteristics / panel thickness.
BH17 OPERATING UNIT • No. 10 vertical independent spindles positioned at 32 mm centerdistance, designed with grub-screw spindle coupling, of which:
BH17 OPERATING UNIT no. 5 spindles aligned in ‘X’ direction - “System 32”,
BH17 OPERATING UNIT no. 5 spindles aligned in ‘Y’ direction;
BH17 OPERATING UNIT No. 6 horizontal independent spindles positioned in X and Y directions, designed with grub-screw spindle coupling, of which:
BH17 OPERATING UNIT no. 4 spindles positioned in ‘X’ direction (no. 2 units with double outlet),
BH17 OPERATING UNIT no. 2 spindles positioned in ‘Y’ direction (no. 1 unit with double outlet);
BH17 OPERATING UNIT No. 1 Grooving Saw Unit diameter 120 mm, RH rotation - Fixed working direction in 'X'
Saw diameter mm 120; max. working depth 25 mm;
Saw cutting thickness 4 mm
RH tool rotation; tool fastening through screws;
Power delivered at 18.000 rpm in S1 duty: 4.5 kW (6 HP); linear power increase
Rotation speed from 6.000 up to 18.000 rpm, programmable by NC
Max. tool diameter 20 mm
BIESSEWORKS - Advanced programming system
3D simulation of the tool path Yes
Approximate calculation of machining time Yes
Automatic pocketing of any shape with the possibility of leaving islands in relief at different dept Yes