Used Guillet 4-Sided Planer

used machine

Machine Overview

Introducing the Used Guillet 4-Sided Planer

4 side planer
Section Max Wood 220 x 120 mm
Section Mini Wood 30 x 6 mm
Length of the input table 2 m
Tree diameter tool holder 40 mm
Diameter tool holder 120 mm
Speed of tool holder 6000 rpm
Speed feeder drive by from 4.5 to 30 m / min
Vertical adjustment of tool holder 0 to minus 10 mm
Full hood with interlocking
Shaper left with electric drive and any width
Up and down electric beam (thickness)
lubrication of the automatic table
Suction: 2x120 + 2x150 mm

Dimensions: 3050 x 1450 x 1425 mm h