Used IMA Novimat I / G80/650/R3

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About the Used IMA Novimat I / G80/650/R3

Edges (tape) thickness in rolls (min/max) mm 0,3 - 3
Panels thickness (min/max) mm 8 - 60
Numerical Control ICOS Open
Feeding speed (adjustable) m/min 6 - 30
Top pressure system with rubber belt
Spraying unit (Anti-sticking liquid)
In-feed fence, adjustable by N.C.
Pre-milling Unit (vertical joint trimmers) by N.C. 08.378 (2 x Kw 4,5)
Lamps to heat the workpieces side + 2 x Glueing Units (Hot Melt) w/Quick Melt Uni) 04.1570
Spraying Unit (for anti-release liquid)
Band Pressure zone
Edge coils supporting unit (No. 16 reels)
Snipping (end-cutting) unit 08.42/30/B (2 x Kw 0,66 - Pneu 0° - 25°) 30 m/min
Fine Trimming unit (Multi-profile, by N.C.) 08.0587 (2 x Kw 1)
Spraying Unit (for sliding liquid)
Multi-Profile Copying unit by N.C (fine contour trimming) KFA 30 (08.355) 1 x Kw 0,5 (30 m/min)
Buffing Corner Rounding unit (Contour Buffing) 08.604 (4 brushs x Kw 0,25)
Profile edge scraping unit (Multi-profile, by N.C.) 08.516
Glue scraping unit 08.521
Spraying Unit (for polishing liquid)
Buffing unit 08.617-4 (4 x Kw 0,18)
Smoothing unit with spheres 08.53