Italpresse Hydraulic Case Clamp mod. Prinatist/25


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Machine Overview

Introducing the Italpresse Hydraulic Case Clamp mod. Prinatist/25

For further details on the Italpresse Hydraulic case clamp mod. Primatist/25, please contact R&J Machinery on 01455 840224

Product Features

  • Frame made of closed tubular steel sections which grant high stiffness
  • Pressure beams made of high thickness extruded aluminium profiles with anti scratch contact surface
  • Pressure bar movement by means of hydrualic motors, which grant soft and continuous movements without bumps
  • Independant adjustment of the vertical and horizontal pressure by means of two pressure switches
  • High resistance pressing plates (bottom and left) with anti scratch surfaces
  • Timer to set press time, with automatic opening
  • Electric controls for opening/closing of the beams with independant or simultaneous movement (45°)

Product Options

  • Loading height from 400mm to 700mm
  • Automatic version with safety light barrier
  • Special voltage (other than 400/v / 50Hz)
  • Pneumatic operated free rollers on bottom platen

Product Specification

Max cabinet width 700mm
Min length 250mm
Max length 2500mm
Min height 250mm
Max height 1300mm
Working level 400mm
Power 1.5Kw